Fanalyticsports | The Journey

After two years of hard work we are proud to launch Fanalyticsports. A sports consulting company focussing on BI solutions and socializing the data driven approach to sports. We have had a lot of help along the way and would like to thank all of those who have helped make us who we are. 

Fanalyticsports started out like all great startups do with some lively sports banter between colleagues and friends during a Lions game (If I remember right it was the year the Lions won the Super Bowl). Later it became a reality after I received offers from two professional sports teams to run their analytics departments (My dream job). In the end family and proximity to my roots led me to remain in my current location (atleast for now); however what I realized was that my skills translated well to this environment and there was a big gap between providing BI and Analytics to the sporting world primarily on the business side. 

In 2017 we signed our first contract and we are working on developing another project the #AnalyticsRoadToTheFinalFour which you'll see throughout March showcasing our talents across a plethora of platforms in order to drive decision on the NCAA Final Four. 

Stay tuned for more and you can track Our Journey below.......