Fanalyticsports | What We Do

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So what do we do?

With all the buzzwords around the business intelligence and analytics community (See the simple Word Cloud Below) we understand that it can be confusing.

This world can contain advanced mathematics, coding, lots and lots of data, and a tremendous amount of changing technology. But the best way to describe what we do is to simply say we develop, design, and implement business solutions for the sporting world. Whether that is combining and analyzing ticket data, social data, concession data, and other data; or predicting what might happen next; or even developing a real-time dashboard/application that provides you with the shortest wait time in line. We aim to deliver insightful solutions that eliminate the black box confusion surrounding the profession. 

Throughout our career we've learned from some of the nation's best on how to provide insights and analysis and we are passionate about continuous learning. That being said, still what is it that we do? For us the best way is to show you. I've always been accustomed to leading by doing and this would be no different. With that in mind we've developed the #AnalyticsRoadToTheFinalFour as an exciting and legal way (not disclosing trade secrets) to show you how we connect the dots in the business intelligence and analytics profession. 

Our first demo application looks at how distance and proximity plays a role in the NCAA Final Four. Below is a quick look at an interactive application we are developing to showcase this. Stay tuned for more to come. (Don't worry if you are not a Spartan fan like I am, you will be able to see your favorite team as well.) 

Stay tuned for more