Fanalyticsports | Networking

Today was a day of networking and driving the sales pitch. We are always looking to meet and network with people and see what synergies exist. I've been lucky enough to have made some great friends along the way who have helped me make some great connections. (In fairness the majority of these people have an MSU connection. What can I say Sparty travels well and is well liked.) Today's quest brought us in front of the Milwaukee Bucks with the hopes of trying to find work for us down the road. First impressions were good but this is an incredibly hard field to get into and in fairness we are a new company who has one small contract; I was just happy to meet with them and see what they were doing. We'll see where it takes us but for now we'll enjoy watching tonight's game and for those of you following our #AnalyticsRoadToThe FinalFour we are finalizing a blog that walks you through what we did and will allow you to see how your team looks as long as your not an Ohio State fan.