Fanalyticsports | Proximity & The Final Four

For those of you out there that are wondering what we do here, this is a cool concept we developed to showcase Proximity and The Final Four. Our initial thought was that the teams that are closer to the arena they play in are more likely to win. As their fans can travel better and it seems more like a home game for them. While that was the initial analysis as we dove deeper into this it looked like there was a geographical component as well a host of other things to analyze. Below is a quick look at how we are tackling this project. We'll be posting a more thorough blog with code and links soon. As always we are open to suggestions along the way. 


Proximity & The Final Four

Data-, Google's API for geocoding 

R- For looping through each record to gather the coordinate and distance from the stadium using the as the crow flies technique. (Could also use Python but wanted to use R as it's been awhile since I've been in this tool again.) 

Tableau Public- For Visualization and interaction with the data. Pathing technique for flight like interaction and summary stats around the teams and seeds.